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Blood Pressure
Active ingredient: erbumine perindopril

Aceon, which is perindopril - is prescribed at hypertensia, stroke prevention, chronic cardiac failure. Medicine has a vasorelaxant action, it reduces an afterload due to TPR relief, the medicine reduces resistance in vessels of lungs. It is observed increase of the minute volume of myocardium and increase tolerance of myocardium to strain. The medicine has the natriuretic effect and cardioprotection action. The effect of hypotension is observed in 60 minutes after taking the medicine. Arterial pressure loss isn't followed by development of tachycardia. The maximum therapeutic effect is observed in 4-8 hours, the effect is long-term (up to 24 hours). Perindopril improves brain, kidneys, and myocardium circulation, it reduces the needs of cardiomyocytes for oxygen at CHD.

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Aceon 2mg
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Aceon 4mg
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Aceon 8mg
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Aceon Product Description

Drug Uses

Aceon is classified as an antihypertensive medicinal product, used for controlling not severe forms of essential hypertension and abnormalities, associated with partial blood flow blockage. Unlike other similar products, Aceon does not cause the “withdrawal syndrome” after the treatment completion.

Aceon starts acting immediately, but the optimal therapeutic effect is observed in approximately 30 days after initiating the antihypertensive therapy. The regular use of Aceon exerts the following effects on the cardiovascular system of a sick person:

  • Improves the elasticity of large and small vessels;
  • Restores the structure of the artery walls;
  • Prevents muscle wall thickening of the left ventricle.

For protection of the heart and arteries, one Aceon dose should be taken orally at the same time, preferably before breakfast. The initial daily dosage of 4 mg may be gradually increased to 8 or 16mg. The patients with cardiovascular diseases over 70 years old should not exceed the daily dose of 8 mg.

Missed Dose

The antihypertensive effect of Aceon begins declining 24 hours after the drug intake, so pills administration at the same time works better than pills administration each day, but at different times. The missed dose should be taken the next day at the usual time and in the same amount.

More Information

The effectiveness of heart failure and hypertension management may increase in the combined use of Aceon with vasodilating and antihypertensive agents of prolonged or short action. You should discuss the combined drugs use or Aceon discontinue with your doctor before proceeding with these.


The antihypertensive drug Aceon should be protected from excessive heat and humidity and stored at room temperature conditions, at temperature not exceeding 30°C.

Aceon Safety Information


Aceon may sometimes cause a sharp drop in blood pressure and a significant change in blood flow, accompanied by dizziness and temporary loss of consciousness, especially at the beginning of the antihypertensive therapy. Your medical care provider should be informed about any diseases of heart, liver and immune system (eg, lupus erythematosus), metabolic disorders, abnormal levels of triglycerides and recent dehydration, before you proceed with Aceon therapy.


Health-related information, published in Aceon review, is provided for general informational purposes only. This information about Aceon and cardiovascular risk reduction should not be used to replace the advice of a cardiologist or change the designated course of treatment. The online pharmacy accepts no liability for any subsequent actions, damages or losses, stemming from the use of this Aceon review.

Aceon Side Effects

Only 6% of patients with hypertension, who participated in the clinical studies on Aceon, stopped taking this anti-hypertensive agent because of any adverse reactions. Cough, dizziness headache, asthenia, and back pain are the most common adverse reactions, requiring Aceon abolition.

The patients with coronary heart disease more often refused using Aceon because of cough, drug intolerance and hypotension. It should be noted that these adverse reactions are greatly reduced with Aceon doses lowering.

The adverse Aceon reactions, reported in postmarketing experience, were cardiac disorders (incl. cardiac arrest and hepatic failure), anemia, arthralgia/arthritis, myalgia, fever, rash, and falls. However, all these symptoms could have been caused either by Aceon tablets, or by the disease, treated with these pills.

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