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Erectile Dysfunction
Active ingredient: Avanafil

Avana - generic of Stendra, based on avanafil, whose mission is aimed at fighting impotence. It differs from the usual Viagra with minimal contraindications, longer positive outcome and the prompt onset of action. Taking one pill,the outcome begins to be felt after fifteen minutes and lasts six hours.

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Avana 50mg
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Avana 100mg
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Avana 200mg
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Product description

Avana is a generic product for the medical care of sexual impotence. This is the fastest pharmaceutical product of all: it starts to act in the quarter of an hour after person intakes it. Other benefits of Avana are in its force (one tablet cannot lose its influence even in various forms of impotence) and almost no side states (principally new technologies allowed the creators of the remedy to reduce the level of those conditions up to 1%). The time of the action of the medication is 6 hours.

The beneficial effect is accomplished by stimulating the flow of blood to the head of the genital organ and relaxing the smooth muscle walls of the artery.

Benefits of Avana

The visible effect appears very fastjust in a quarter of an hour after taking

  • the prolonged action of the medical remedy is 6 hours;
  • Easy to combine with greasy foods and alcohol;
  • Suppresses self-doubt and anxiety of sexual intimacy;
  • Has no age limits;
  • Quickly excreted from the body;
  • The pharmaceutical can be taken in hypotension.

Avana can be taken by persons of any age who looks for the keeping up their sex life for a long period at the proper level.

The initial dosage of Avana, which is chosen by the therapist, is half a tablet, that is, 50 mg of the remedy. If the medical product acts well without diagnosing site effects, then the daily measure is increased to 100 mg. It is forbidden to adjust the dosage if the person has a violation of the work of the kidney or liver. In addition, the remedy accrues in the organism, so with each reception, the strength and continuation of the erection only raise.

The activity of the Avana connected only with natural sexual arousal, so an erection without any apparent cause is absolutely excluded.

By the speed of exposure, Avana is significantly ahead of other products for the medical care of erectile dysfunction. A strong erection appears 10-30 minutes after ingestion against a background of natural sexual desire. The medication acts solely on the genitourinary system, without affecting other organs. This work of the Avana minimizes the appearance of side conditions and allergic response.

Safety information

  • Contraindications to taking the pharmaceutical are as follows:
  • Allergy to any component of the pharmaceutical product.
  • The consolidation with donators of nitric oxide, nitrates, nitrites.
  • Parallel reception of other agents for the cure of erectile illness.
  • It is rigidly not allowed to use the remedy for adolescents, very young persons, and females.
  • Physical complications with the form of the genital organ angulation, etc.
  • Illnesses that may be express by painful feelings in the duration of erection and undisciplined emergence.
  • The weakness of bleeding and low blood clotting.
  • Exacerbation of stomach ulcers.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Exceptionally Avana is not allowed to use in side-by-side with beta-blockers. Increasing the dosage or misuse of the remedy can negatively affect not only the state of the genitourinary system but it also brings about a deterioration in overall wellness and poisoning of the organism.

Before taking Avana, it is needed and useful to consult the professional therapist.

Side effects

The biggest part of Avana side states in the organism may appear when the dose of the remedy, which is taken by the person, exceeds the baseline. In this occasions, every now and then one or various undesirable conditions are observed, such as convulsions; rash on the skin; the general decline of forces; tachycardia; fainting; nosebleed; vomiting; redness of the eyeball; difficult erection with pain.

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