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Cordarone 100mg
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Cordarone 200mg
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Cordarone Product Description

Drug Uses

Cordarone is a long-acting antiarrhythmic agent providing an antianginal effect and increasing blood flow in the myocardium. Cordarone is prescribed to patients with heart diseases, associated with diminished function of the atria and ventricles.

Cordarone helps to quickly reduce symptoms of different types of (paroxysmal) irregular heartbeat:

Atrial fibrillation, including asymptomatic

Serious rhythm disturbances (eg, WPW syndrome)

To stabilize the heart rate, high doses of Cordarone should be taken first, and then, reduced gradually. In the first 10-20 days of antiarrhythmic therapy, dosage of Cordarone varies from 600 to 1600mg per day in several spaced doses.

Missed Dose

If you’ve forgotten to take Cordarone, you can take the required dose of your antiarrhythmic drug as soon as you remember, but not later than 4 hours after the missed dose. If over 4 hours passed after the missed dose of Cordarone, take the next dose of the antiarrhythmic agent at the next scheduled time.

More Information

Based on the therapeutics response, Cordarone dosage should be gradually reduced to one 200mg pill of Cordarone, once or twice a day. Higher daily doses should be reasonably indicated and regularly adjusted.


Antiarrhythmic drug Cordarone should be stored in an original package, tightly closed and protected from light, at controlled temperature, no higher than 30°C, in a dry place.

Cordarone Safety Information


Patients with diseases of the brain or spinal cord, hormonal disorders, photophobia, endocrine dysfunction, or optical nephritis should apply Cordarone with caution.

Contents of this review of Cordarone are intended to represent common information on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. This information shall not be considered as a substitution or alternative for professional medical treatment by cardiologists and cardiac specialists. The online pharmacy shall not be responsible for the use of any and all information about antiarrhythmic therapy and Cordarone.

Cordarone Side Effects

High doses of Cordarone may cause anorexia, fatigue, vomiting, and poor coordination, nausea, tremor, constipation, malaise, or gait. The risk of adverse effects is reduced, if medium or the lowest doses of Cordarone are used. When Cordarone supports the combination antiarrhythmic therapy, the risk of adverse effects is increased.

Serious adverse effects, which may require Cordarone application to be ceased, are reported as very rare ones. The results of investigations of the antiarrhythmic agent have demonstrated that withdrawal of Cordarone due to serious adverse effects (including hyperthyroidism, heart failure, hypothyroidism, solar dermatitis, or visual disturbances) was required for under 5% of patients.

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