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Pain Relief

Voveran is one of the analgesic agents used mostly in the therapy of different painful conditions. The main indications for use of this anti-inflammatory medicine include arthritis, muscle pain, and migraines of different origin. The treatment of other pain syndromes may also require the use of this drug upon the therapist’s consideration. This is a non-steroidal medicine, which expands the spheres of its possible use in comparison with steroidal drugs, most notably in late-middle-aged people. The pills are not habit-forming; however, the misuse, as well as the long-term course of treatment, is prohibited.

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Product description

Voveran is a modern derivative of Diclofenac intended for the treatment of diverse moderate pain symptoms, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis. Currently, it is widely used as an effective non-steroidal analgesic with selective effect and anti-inflammatory agent with a well-studied mechanism of action and moderate rate of potentially hazardous adverse reactions.

The mode of action results in the repression of the release of compounds responsible for the synthesis of prostaglandins that trigger inflammatory processes. In the absence of prostaglandins, inflammation does not develop or fade away before the symptoms become painful.

The composition of the medication includes diclofenac either in a form of potassium salts or sodium salts. In general, their effects are virtually the same; however, potassium salts have a higher absorption rate than the sodium salts, which results in more rapid action. Usually, it takes not more than 30 minutes after the administration of the pill until the analgesic effect becomes noticeable; this effect lasts for 1-2 hours.

How to take

The drug must be taken in full compliance with the pharmacist’s prescription. Though the medicine is not habit-forming, you should avoid taking it on a regular basis unless your condition requires special attention.

Taking the medicine throughout the periods of breastfeeding and pregnancy should be discontinued to avoid possible hazardous effects on the infant.

In order to avoid potentially dangerous interactions, alcohol must be avoided within the entire course of healing with the medicine.

Allergy to any of the compounds present in the tablets should be considered a strict prohibition against its use.

Safety information

Being a highly efficient and swift-acting treatment agent, Voveran must be taken with a certain number of precautions because of the gravity of possible adverse health consequences.

  • The drug may be a reason for a heart attack. Elderly people, as well as those suffering from asthma and/or moderate or severe cardiovascular problems, form a highly vulnerable group. Taking the medication longer than prescribed may result in the significant escalation of the probability of heart attack or stomach bleeding.
  • The risk of a stroke may develop at the early stages of the therapy. Because of this, you should carefully monitor your blood pressure while taking the drug and notify your doctor about any signs of unwanted outcomes.
  • The medicine is not intended for the prophylactic healing of migraines and headache of unknown origin.

Side effects

The side effects that may be caused by this medicine require special attention in light of their connection with such severe conditions as cardiac disorders and gastrointestinal bleeding. Your physician must be informed of any severe adverse reaction that appears within the cycle of treatment.

Low-hazard adverse reactions include vomiting, rash, agitation, pale skin and trouble sleeping.

Abdominal pain, hepatic disorders, and chest pain belong to the group of symptoms with the highest significance and their appearance should be followed by immediate medical help.

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